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Cold House? Stay Warmer with Window Coverings

Newer homes are usually well insulated and have tightly sealed windows. However, if you live in an older house, cold air could be seeping in through countless little gaps around windows that are difficult to track down and seal. Warm air can also be lost by conduction through poorly insulated single pane windows.

You could spend thousands of dollars to replace your windows but if that’s not in the budget, window coverings can be used effectively to not only beautify a room, but to help block cold drafts and keep rooms warmer, saving you money.

Here are some ways that you can use window coverings to keep your home warmer this winter.

  • Curtains – heavy, insulated curtains can significantly reduce the rate of heat exchange between the cold air around windows and the warm air in the rest of the room. The thicker the curtain the better. In order to be effective, thermal curtains should hang as close to the window as possible, and hang from the floor to the ceiling or a valance. Curtains should lay snug against the wall at each side so that cold air can’t flow around the edges. You can even use Velcro or magnetic tape at the sides and bottom to create an even more effective seal. Open curtains on sunny sides of the house during the day to use the energy of the sun to warm it naturally, and close them at night to retain heat. Close fitting curtains and a valance can reduce the air flow around a window by up to 25%.
  • Shades – honeycomb or cellular shades trap cold air against windows. Some have edges that slide in vertical runners and have a rubber seal at the bottom making them very effective for blocking cold air.
  • For maximum heat retention in particularly cold rooms, use a combination of window coverings – shades, sheers, and drapes.

If you’re looking for beautiful ways to keep your home warmer, visit Normandeau Window Coverings for window covering solutions that will help to keep your home cosier this winter.

Written By Randy Normandeau. Visit Randy on Google+