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How to Choose the Correct Drapery Rod

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Drapery rods are used to control how your drapes function. They must be workable, complement the drapes, be of the right color and blended into the design scheme of your home. While this seems like so much to keep in mind while choosing the right drapery rod, the following process will teach you how to choose the correct one for you and your family.

Function and Type


Use your drapes to determine what you need. For instance, if you have pleated drapes, they need to be attached using drapery pins, however, you can use the back-tab pleated drapes. If the drapes you are using are made to open either one way, from the center or all directions, you will need to use a traverse rod. Traverse drapery cords are used with a cord-driven system. Your drapes should determine the type of drapery rod for your windows.



Once again the style of your drapes will determine your choice of drapery rod. A formal drape requires the formal drapery rod to function well. A cord-driven traversing system could include a wood rod with large wood initials, routed to conceal the rod components and the cord track. You can use a valance over drapery treatment. In this case, less expensive or utilitarian drapery rods can be used because the rod will be concealed.

Color and Finish


The color of your drapery rod should match the color of your home or the décor. A painted wood rod can match the window trim or wall color, the molding, baseboards or they can be a high-contrast color depending on the amount of attention you want the drapery rod to receive. Metal drapery rod should match the metal finishes in your home, while a stained wood rod can match another element in your home.



Brackets are used to attach drapery rods to windows or walls. Depending on your style, maker of the rod and its function, the base of the brackets vary in width and length. For a successful installation of a bracket, measure the amount of space available on your window wall. It is also possible to install a drapery rod into a stud.

These four steps can be successfully used as a process of eliminating and choosing the correct drapery rod for your home. Remember, when arranging to install a drapery rod, make sure it is secured above the children’s reach to avoid accidents.

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