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All You Need to Know About Window Treatments

Windows play an important role in enhancing the appearance of our rooms as they are the most noticeable feature, therefore a lot of care must be taken for in decorating them. Many designers rely on windows to develop the perfect brightness factor for a room, which is an important part of interior decoration – it is very important to the atmosphere of any room, but especially the living room. In some homes, even furniture is placed and selected after considering window treatments or views. Window treatments entail decorating the window like an art piece, with some special form of curtains, shutters, or blinds. These treatments are chosen to enhance the beauty of a particular room and home.

Window treatments can be considered a type of interior decoration that is applied to windows. Perfect window treatments should be created to suit not only the frame itself but should also blend with the overall décor of a room and create a sense of interweaved design. A badly-placed or faulty window treatment would stand out just like an eye sore in an otherwise charming room.

Before selecting shutters or shades or any other kind of window treatment, you should go through the total range of available treatments available in the market. Choosing the best manufacturers of customized window coverings is a big task which must be given due consideration. It is always better to choose manufacturers that provide a full range of window coverings i.e. from curtains to bamboo blinds. Those offering plantation shutters, Roman shades, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, and shades should be selected as it opens up a wide range of customization options for you.

Window treatments are there to facilitate looking out of a window while keeping outsiders from looking in. This can be achieved with proper shutters, shades, and coverings. Ventilation should remain unaffected and the enhancement of privacy should be given utmost importance. Selecting correct window blinds for this purpose will go a long way in designing the inside of a home while maintaining its security and privacy. The type of blinds chosen for security and privacy will depend on the type of home and where the windows of the home are facing. For example, if a family lives in an apartment where their window faces another apartment, then that family should get blinds that will completely block out any view from outside. In the case of a country house which has windows facing open countryside, then a window treatment is required which will allow larger vision from the inside of the house since there is little risk of someone peeping in from outside. In this way, safety and privacy will be maintained and the appearance of the windows will also be enhanced.

Before buying any window treatment you should spend some time in deciding what kind of window treatment is required for your room and what your priorities are for your window treatment. This will help you in buying the right window treatment for your rooms. You should visualize your windows with different treatments you see in different magazines, and then try customizing them with your own ideas. Window treatments can be very expensive, and are not the kind of investment that can be made after just a couple of minutes – you should take your time and then decide what you really want before you buy anything. Try to find an online store which can provide you a lot of pictures along with a wide range of products that can help you in getting desired product.

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Broadly, window treatments can be divided into two groups: hard window treatments and soft window treatments. These are explained as follows:

  1. Hard Window Treatments

Hard window treatments are made up of blinds, shutters, and shades. Shutters can be made up of poly resin material or wood; basically, they are installed on room’s window for privacy or security. Blinds are hard coverings which are generally made up of plastic, wood, fabric, or metal. These can either be pleated blinds, roller blinds, Venetian blinds or vertical blinds. They have slats which can be tilted in order to let sunshine in and are adjusted manually to close and open. Shades are installed on windows and they are used to control natural light that enters a room. Different types of shades are fitted inside a window and are controlled with a pulley.

  1. Soft window treatments  

Soft window treatments can either be draperies or curtains. They enhance the appearance and beauty of a room by using soft materials. The main difference between drapes and curtains is that drapes have an inner lining which is not present in the case of curtains, and this inner lining is used to protect them from different kinds of damage. An impression of luxury is also created by this lining and it enables more control of light while curtains are made up of much lighter material.

Overall, it can be concluded that window treatments are full of good options and are very helpful in decorating a room. Sometimes some windows require an experienced person for the installation of a window treatment – dealers like Normandeau Window Coverings have very skilled people on staff for just this reason. Get a free in-home consultation now!