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4 Ways to Install Child/Pet Safety Window Treatments for Your Home

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The options, functions, and preferences for window coverings these days make safety a forefront issue.  Here are five options of window coverings that are child/pet safe.

Automate and Motorize


If you are looking for a window treatment that is child safe and has less work. The automated or motorized from Hunter Douglas is just all you need. Tap on the app on your device or push a button on the remote control and your window treatments will adjust.

Cordless Window Coverings


Cordless window coverings are the safest window coverings for homes with kids. With cordless, you just use your hand to raise and lower your window treatment, it’s that easy even kids and pets can operate them. Normally cordless blinds and shades slide with a gentle nudge from little hands, they are user-friendly and most importantly safe.

Install Continuous Cord Loop


Installing a continuous cord loop is another way of safeguarding your window treatments and your kids. Rather than hanging down, the continuous cord loop is securely fastened to the inside of the window frame and you simply pull on the rear of the loop to raise the shade or pull down on the front of the loop to lower them. No dangling strings, no danger.

Retractable Pull-cord


When cordless is not an option, a retractable pull cord can serve the purpose. You can make them short so they are at of reach of children, then when you pull to raise your window treatments, the cord retracts and stay at the same length. With retractable pull-cords, you get both the function and the peace of mind.

Children are incredible. Their mischievous smiles, limitless energy, and an immeasurable amount of love make us happy most of the time, but sometimes these traits make us worry.

With the above list, you have the safety options of all window coverings. Contact Normandeau Window Coverings for more details. Book a free consultation now!