SoftTouch Motorization - Normandeau Window Coverings

SoftTouch Motorization

If you are looking for a child and pet safe option for controlling your window coverings, check out Hunter Douglas’ SoftTouch Motorization system.  It is a cordless, battery operated system which allows you to raise and lower your shade with a touch of a wand.  To open the shade, you briefly push the wand up – the shade will move to the fully open position.  To close the shade, you briefly pull the wand down – the shade will move to the full closed position.  To stop the shade while the shade is moving in the up/open direction, briefly push the wand up.  While the shade is moving in the down/closed direction, briefly pull the wand down. 

Simple, sleek and very cool to use!  The wand can even be used to program your shade to stop in a favourite position.  Available in a length of your choice, the wand is held in place with a strong magnet and will detach to avoid breaking if accidently pulled too hard by enthusiastic children!

Already available as an option on the Sonnette and Designer Banded Shades, Hunter Douglas has recently launched the SimpleTouch Motorization for other products as well.  It is now available as an option for Designer Roller & Screen Shades, Silhouettes and Pirouettes, giving you an economical cordless alternative for controlling your window coverings.  Drop by one of our showrooms to try SoftTouch Motorization out for yourself – you will be amazed!