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The Perfect Bohemian Blinds: Provenance® Woven Woods by Hunter Douglas

Do you love natural elements in your home? Is your personal style more relaxed?

There are always new trends in home decor and design but one of the latest is Minimalist Bohemian. Yah… that sounds contradictory, so let me explain. A love for eclectic style, functionality, neutral colours and low maintenance has become a new modern twist of the Boho style.

When you think of Boho design, you may think of ethnic decor and bright multi colours with bold patterns all mixed together in one room. The Minimalist Bohemian tones down the colours to a neutral palette of white, creams and greys. Patterns are chosen carefully, and textures are reminiscent of nature. When you are designing for a Minimalist Bohemian think neutral palettes, textures, and calming serene rooms mixed with a collection of unique items.

The warm and natural vibes of Provenance® Woven Wood Shades from Hunter Douglas lend themselves perfectly with this design style. Offering such a wide variety of colours, styles and textures, you simply can’t get closer to nature unless you live outside.

Crafted from natural woods, reeds, bamboo and grasses, Provenance® Woven Wood Shades lend beauty to transform light in your space. From textured fabrics to lighter more refined weaves, natural fibers add an organic style to your room filtering sunlight beautifully.  Provenance® Woven Wood Shades give you the ability to add extra flare with customizations—like valances or edge banding. Install them with or without a liner, depending on how much light-filtering and privacy you’re after.

We were fortunate recently to get to work with a Minimal Bohemian! Upon first meeting our client we are featuring here, when walking into their renovation construction zone we had no idea of her style. Floors were being installed and light fixtures were still boxed up. The expansive walls and open areas gave us a hint of the client having a unique perspective, an eye for clean lines and subtle hints of simplicity… we could sense this client had a vision.

We were contacted as the full renovation on their new Red Deer home was approaching completion. The freshness when walking into her home paired with all the light was breathtaking. She immediately took a liking to Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood shades. She had a vision to bring the outdoors in and the woven woods fit the bill. After comparing many colours and textures she had selected the one she loves, Tahiti in Toasted Coconut.  The homeowner chose to use the same shade throughout her home.  Keeping the same shade throughout her home, keeping colour and style consistent throughout a home allows the natural simplicity to flow from room to room.

Although our client chose to keep it simple in each room of her house there are many options when it comes to Provenance® Woven Wood Shades from Hunter Douglas. Provenance shades are available in Roman style, Waterfall Roman style and Vertical Drapery. Each of these options offer horizontal and vertical applications for every window and door in your home. Provenance® Woven Wood Shades also feature the strongest materials and craftsmanship for superb quality. Weaving techniques are engineered to minimize stretching, bowing and breaking. Optional liners are available for every style and in both light-filtering and room-darkening opacities.

When the job was complete, we were invited back to take a look at the finished and furnished space. As soon as we walked in, we knew this was the client’s selection was the right fit. This homeowner had recently moved to Canada from Australia and had a collection of treasures and unique finds from all over the world. The floor was a beautiful light oak which complemented the natural woods and reeds in the Provenance Woven woods exactly. The love of simple lines and organic textures were very present in her home. Adding the woven woods to their windows made perfect sense to break up the airy and bright white walls.  The low maintenance, functionality and ease of the Woven Wood shades are perfect for this growing family and we are sure they will feel right at home in no time at all.

If being a Boho Minimalist is wrong, we do not want to be right!! This home expresses exactly what the new take on Bohemian is!

You can’t beat the refreshing feel to this home is one of the best feelings you get from walking into any new reno but! But this space, with world treasures, textures, greenery, specially curated furniture and fixtures makes this home inviting and calming. This carefully planned home feels like a breath of fresh air and we are happy for this little family to have such a beautiful space to call home in Canada!