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How to Make the Most of Your Home Staging Budget

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Staging a home is a classic way of increasing its value on the open market, but it can be too expensive. To make the most out of your home staging budget, you need to know different budget-friendly home décor and designing tips and tricks that you need to use for your staging process. Here is a list of budget-friendly, quick and creative ideas that will help you with your home staging process.

Invoke the Outdoors


When staging your home, start by creating a focal point. Pick up the most visible corner and place a tree or large plant. Set a spotlight behind the plant so when it lights up, it adds an interesting shadow of the room. Invoke the outdoors further by placing an accent home fixture like an attractive plant near the fireplace or window.

Add Bathroom Elegance


To add elegance and style to your bathroom, get some decorative hand towel and place them on towel racks. Avoid showing your personal toiletries and fix outdated bathroom fixtures by changing the whole sink, tub or shower fixtures with new ones. Pristine your bathroom by cleaning and refreshing everything, including bath mats and rugs.

Accessories Matters


Adding a few key pieces of furniture in all rooms will not only add to your home décor and design but also enhance the environment. Home decors such as rugs, artificial flowers, mirrors, decorative pillows, lamps, and candles can have a big impact on your living space. Scatter them to add character to your rooms.

Use Neutral Color


You can create synergy and flow between different rooms by keeping neutral colors as your foundation. You may also decide to use decorative accents or add a splash of colors to bring more color, décor and design with a soft palette.



Utilize natural light when you can. Use window treatments with neutral, natural color and make sure no furniture is obstructing the light. When you are not using natural light, add more lighting to your home, go for higher wattage bulbs. Brighter bulbs make the whole place look different and they are inexpensive and easy to install. You can also decide to use ambient for general lighting, task lighting and accent light to add décor and design to your home.

Make sure you entice clients at the door by painting the trim on ceilings and floors and also the outside trims. Tighten any loose cabinets or doors and repaint or varnish them.

We hope this tips and tricks will help you with your home staging budget. For more useful tips visit!