Lacombe Performing Arts Centre - Normandeau Window Coverings

Lacombe Performing Arts Centre

Normandeau Window Coverings Lacombe & Red Deer was thrilled to be part of the amazing transformation that happened last year in the fall of 2018 at the Lacombe Trinity Lutheran church.  The arts committee faced a challenge to transform the chapel to where it would be used as a stage for performing arts and also continue to be used as a space for Sunday worship. 

The challenge was accepted and we draped the stage in 6 sections of moveable fabric.  The rear of the stage was sectioned in 4 moving panels and each side in a single moveable section.  This allows for the sides to be stacked back tight to the back wall & fabric to be moved across the back on each side to reveal the cross and stained glass for Sunday services. The four sections across the back when closed also give way for performers to access the stage from the backstage doors.

The 85 yards of fabric we used for this coverage was supplied by Alendel Fabrics in a Graphite colour & due to fire regulations were treated for Can ULC S109.  The Graphite colour was a perfect selection as the lights for the performances reflect beautifully & the fullness of the fabric helps greatly with the acoustics.  All were hung on commercial track in black leaving nothing to stand out and providing the backdrop the committee was looking for.

I am so pleased that the space has been transformed and am thrilled to have attended many performances already in this lovely space.

Lacombe is lucky to have such a dedicated group.