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How-to: Install Window Coverings in Arched Windows

Do you have arch-styled windows in your home?  The arched shape is beautiful to look at, but problematic when you are trying to add window coverings.  A solution can be to use inside mounted window shades – a rectangular shade on the lower section, an arch shaped shade on the top section.  But, the problem is how to install the shades as there is nothing to attach them to?

A great solution is to use a “Palladian Shelf” – a very fancy name for a simple product!!  The Palladian Shelf is custom fitted to your window – the width is measured to fit exactly into the window frame and it can be made in various depths to fit flush within the frame.  They are made from wood and are colour matched to your existing window frames.  The shelves are mounted inside the window frame with concealed end brackets.  Once installed, a Palladian Shelf looks like it is a part of your window frame and provides a sturdy mounting surface for your window shades.

So, do not despair when faced with difficult windows.  A Palladian Shelf offers the perfect solution, allowing you to utilize and properly install almost any style of window covering product!