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How-to: Choose Window Coverings

When people decide to change their window coverings, the biggest question is usually “where do I start?”  This is definitely a valid question as there are multitudes of options for window coverings available!  

A good place to begin is to take an assessment of the windows that you want to cover:

  • what rooms are they in and how are the rooms used – Netflix binging, reading, sleeping?  
  • what type of light control do you require – light filtering, room darkening, a combination of both?
  • Do you have issues with room temperature – hot in summer, cold in winter?
  • Is privacy a concern?
  • Do you have children and/or pets to consider for safety issues?
  • What style of décor do you prefer – traditional, modern, eclectic?

Having answer to all of these questions (or some anyway!) will help immensely when looking at the various window covering products that are available.  Knowing your requirements will help narrow down the selection, making it a much less daunting prospect!  

And this is the time to call upon a professional to help you – a consultant will discuss your needs and wants with you, assess your windows and be able to tell which products would be more suitable.  All window covering products will have limitations (size, shape, etc) – a consultant is aware of these limitations and can also detect any window / frame configurations that might affect the type of product that can be used.  They can also provide advice on the installation method that would work the best – avoiding any potential problems.

Our consultants have extensive product knowledge and are Hunter Douglas certified.  We regularly attend seminars to learn about new styles and trends in the industry and share that knowledge with you.  Please contact us for a free in-home consultation – we look forward to making your window covering visions a reality!