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How-To: Choose Window Coverings for a Child’s Room

Can drapery “grow up” with your child?

You knew when you had children, that you’d probably have to buy them new shoes and clothes as they age, but new window coverings too? We have done many room transformations for tweens but many parents want window coverings that will last from cradle to college. With good advice and some forward thinking, you can buy window coverings that will stand the test of time.

The challenge: suitable for a baby and a young adult

When you have a baby or toddler, it can be tough to imagine what your child will be like when they are grown up, but there many things that are consistent in your child’s room no matter what age they are. We can help you identify certain elements that will help your child sleep at age 1 and age 11. Depending on the light and heat situation in the room, Hunter Douglas offers a multitude of options that will create a tranquil and beautiful environment for your child to grow up happily in their room.

What about the colour of the window coverings?

Will your daughter like pink when she is 13? How will you tie in the dark navy furniture from the room into the windows? Kids rooms are often the most fun to decorate and as such, it can be tempting to choose shades in pink, green, yellow or the colour of their bedding. As style-lovers, we adore the look of a highly coordinated room but be aware that you might be buying new window coverings in a cream or other neutral colour before you know it. Why now choose a neutral colour of shades now? Invest in amazing window coverings for your child, in a colour that will appeal for many years to come.

Drapery is a great way to add colour to a child’s room

The secret? Go with a cream or neutral shade and add stunningly beautiful fabric drapery to the window. You can update the drapery over time to keep your child’s room in fashion and coordinated with their style as they grow. Look at this example that we proudly created with a customer who wanted to tie in their daughter’s dark furniture. Our fabric selection is so incredible that it will make you wish you had even more kids just so you could select more patterns!