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So you are interested in getting cellular shades but are not sure of the difference between Hunter Douglas Applause shades or Duettes?  With so many options, it can feel like a new language so here’s a quick overview!

Applause and Duette shades are both a kind of Cellular or Honeycomb Shade, blinds consisting of pleated chambers best known for great energy efficiency.  The main difference between these two versions can be seen from the side: Applause shades are “single cells,” (one chamber or “honeycomb” for each pleat) whereas Duette shades have the Architella “double cell” (a cell within a cell.)  This double cell structure provides superior insulation and helps prevent the fabric from fading.

Duette Shades have more product options than the Applause line with a greater number of fabric, colour and size choices.  From the traditional “Classic” to the Alustra woven linen fabrics, you have your pick of colour, weave and texture.  You can also choose a narrow 3/8″ pleat all the way up to the ultra-modern 1 1/2″ Trielle Triple Pleat. Duettes come standard with the UltraGlide retractable cord system which is an upgraded control for Applause.

The simpler Applause Shades are a great go-to where the budget is a large factor or for oversized window applications. They have the same control options as the Duette shades plus a well-priced cordless control called “SimpleLift”.

Both Duette and Applause shades are beautiful and functional, combining privacy and light control options with energy efficiency!