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Home Decor on a Budget

Being the fall many young adults are moving out their parents home pursuing their goals and dreams at post secondary school. The last thing they have budgeted for is home decor. Don’t worry; there are many inexpensive options that are trendy and functional. I have put a list together that takes a little creativity but can turn any space into a home.

  • Stock your book shelf! Go to local thrift stores and scour the shelves for cheap hardbacks. Not only a great way to pass the time it also adds color to the room.
  • Revamp that lamp! Turn that outdated lamp into a trendy piece that will get use again. Buy a new drum shade for the base of the lamp. This is inexpensive and turns the lamp into a one of a kind treasure.
  • Best things in life come in small packages. Rather than buying a full size sofa opt for a condo sofa. These are functional throughout the house. They are great at the end of a bed (great for late night study sessions), in the foyer or dining room.
  • Don’t blow the budget on seating. Instead of purchasing individual chairs for the dinning table buy a couple benches. Many times once you purchase all the seating you are left with a price tag that is larger that the actual table itself.
  • Look for local deals. Check out Kijji.
  • Why pay big bucks for shelving when it’s what is on inside that matters?
  • Empty frames equal endless possibilities. Finding a frame at a second hand store is an easy task, it’s figuring out how you want to use it that could take some time. Using foam core board and burlap you can turn your frame into a custom bulletin board. You could also have a pro cut a mirror to fit the frame.
  • Everything goes on sale! Furniture sales tend to start late spring and late fall. We can all recall the Ikea commercials with the wife yelling at her husband to “start the car.”
  • Hideous floors? Paint them!
  • Outdated dresser? Recover it with wallpaper, this is also a great idea for lamp shades. Knobs and pulls can also be bought individually, for a couple of dollars.

I hope these ideas are helpful. Bargain shopping takes a little bit of time, but can are worth it in the long run!