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Consider Window Size and Functionality Before Building!

Are you building a new home? If you are considering motorized window coverings or want to hardwire your shades, you need to consult a specialist prior to wiring.  A specialist will be able to walk through your new home with you, gain an understanding of how you would like to operate your shades, and make the proper recommendations for you.  This step will help to minimize any wiring errors and make the installation of your hardwired shades seamless.

Considering integration?  All Hunter Douglas PowerView shades can be integrated to work with your home automation system.  For the smoothest installation and operation of your shades, Hunter Douglas suggests that you consult with a home automation and window covering professional.  Whether you are just getting started or are a home automation enthusiast, you can create a personalized whole-home connected solution by integrating Hunter Douglas’ PowerView Motorization with compatible smart home solutions.

The PowerView Hub unifies your PowerView Scenes with that of the most popular systems including Nest, IFTTT, Logitech, Control4, URC, ELAN, Savant, RTI, and Crestron. This is made possible through a variety of methods, including local connectivity within the home (IP and RS-232 serial) as well as outside of the home through the cloud.  Each home automation control system has a unique path to integration. Specific steps must be followed in order to successfully launch and utilize the respective driver or plug-in that allows PowerView to communicate with each system.

Considering floor-to-ceiling windows?  This stunning feature can be used to maximize a view or make your space feel open while maximizing natural light.  However, these large windows can be difficult to outfit with window coverings.  You must consider the mounting and operation of these large shades to cover your windows.  If you are thinking about large windows in the bedroom, you will also want to consider privacy and light control.  Often, large windows need to be covered using more than one shade and can result in a light gap within your window frame.  On the other end, windows that are too small may be restricted in the lifting systems that you can use.

LiteRise, UltraGlide, and Top-down Bottom-up features cannot be used on windows with a small width. Consulting with a window coverings professional before building can help you maximize your options when it comes to product and light control in your new home!

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It is also important to think about how you would like to use your shades.  If you would like cordless blinds, you have to ensure that you can reach the top of the windows or that the windows are not obstructed by any furniture that may sit in front of them.  If you would like Nana Wall panels in your home, any window coverings will have to be mounted outside the frame. These are all very important things to consider, therefore consulting a window covering professional before building your new home could be extremely helpful!

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