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How-to: Window Coverings for Arched Windows

Arch windows may be beautiful, but they are a real challenge when you need to cover them up!  Sometimes you can just ignore them and put a shade on the lower window or use drapery to cover them completely.  There are many shade styles that can be specially shaped to fill the arch but they are inoperable and so can’t be adjusted for varying light control or privacy throughout the day.  If you truly need a functioning arched window covering, the choices boil down to two: Hunter Douglas’ Duette EasyView Arch or the Palm Beach or New Style Shutters.

The Duette EasyView Arch is a cellular shade product best known for its energy efficiency and room-darkening. To take advantage of these traits and complete the look of a room, Hunter Douglas has come up with the Duette EasyView Arch – the only operable specialty shape in the Duette family.  A sliding control across the flat of the half circle raises the specially shaped shade from one central cord. If slide control is too high to reach, an extension wand can be used to help with operation.  (Smart Shade Systems is in Ontario)

Palm Beach or New Style Shutters are a beautiful and classic window treatment.  They can also be custom shaped to incorporate arches while remaining free for the shutter doors themselves to be able to open and close. Front or Rear Tilt bars allow all of the attached louvers to tilt in tandem but there are no power options for shutters that are out of reach. An elegant and enduring solution.