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A PowerView Story

My client contacted me in Jan 2018 to consult with her about window coverings that would be installed in May 2019 – crazy you think, but not so!  The house was at the framing stage and she had decided that she wanted at least half of the 50 window shades to be controlled by power and be hardwired into their home automation system.  Clearly, this was the perfect time to ask for advice as there are very specific requirements for the wire type and location within the window frames.  We had our Hunter Douglas Master Installer come to the site and advise them, their electrician and home automation person as to what was required.

The wires from the windows all lead to the mechanical room where they are attached to DC Transformer boxes – these transformers convert 110V power to the low voltage that is required by the shades.  In addition, PowerView Hubs were used – these devices “speak” to the home automation system and all of the shades in order to control their operation.  Remote controls were also supplied for individual room control – making it easy for guests who would not be comfortable using the home automation system.

The client had Silhouette shades in her previous home and had already decided that she wanted them in her new home as well!  She chose Silhouette Originale 4” light filtering fabric for the majority of the shades, Silhouette Bon Soir 4” room darkening fabric for the bedrooms and media room, and Silhouette Clearview Originale 4” light filtering fabric in the Great Room to enhance their expansive mountain view.  In addition, there were two large patio doors that required shades – she chose Luminette Modern Draperies in Originale light filtering fabric to coordinate with the Silhouette shades.  The Luminettes offer wonderful light control as well as easy access to the outside deck.  Both the Silhouette and Luminette products offer excellent UV protection to spare the wood floors and furnishings from damage.

Finally, the day for installation arrived – 2020 Installations with their team of four people began the large task of installing the houseful of shades. The installation took most of the day, the programming of the remote controls was completed.  The home automators would come in afterward to do their part in adding the shades to the home system.

The client was thrilled with the final result – she believes that Hunter Douglas products are “not just window coverings, but works of art”!

Silhouette Shades

  • Originale col. White Diamond
  • Bon Soir col. Stardust
  • PowerView direct wired
  • EasyRise control (continuous cord loop)

Silhouette Clearview Shades

  • Originale col. White Diamond
  • PowerView direct wired

Luminettes Modern Draperies

  • Originale col. White Diamond
  • PowerView direct wired

Installation – 2020 Installations



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September 28 to December 14, 2020