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4 Amazing Tips on Prepping Your Home for House Guests

4 Amazing Tips on Prepping Your Home for House Guests

At the Normandeau household, we love having overnight house guests stay with us over the holiday season or any time of the year. During this busy time of the year, many homes transform into a place for family and friends to gather over the holidays. We’d like to share with you some of our favorite things that we do to get houseguest-ready for the upcoming season!

Besides all the regular tasks such as decorating, cleaning, menu planning and grocery lists, we like to think of how our houseguests will also get a good night’s sleep while they stay with us.

Tip 1: Blankets

We all know that we have different sleeping preferences, especially when it comes to a good night’s sleep away from home.  Some like it hot and some like it cool, which is why we like to have several layers of blankets available so our houseguests can choose to bundle up or layer down.

Tip 2: Aromatherapy

One of our favorite tricks is adding a misting of lavender on the pillows, or adding a scented candle on the bedside table. This is an easy way to add style to the room, while also providing a better night’s sleep for your houseguest with a relaxing scent.

Tip 3: Cozy toes

We also like to provide cozy socks or slippers so that our guests are comfortable on those cool winter mornings.

Tip 4: A darker room

On top of all of those little ways to ensure our houseguests feel at home during their stay with us, we can’t forget the best way to ensure our houseguests get a good night’s sleep: room darkening shades! We have Hunter Douglas room darkening shades installed in the guest bedroom so our guests aren’t waking up earlier than they like – especially while on holidays!

These are just a few things that we like to do when having houseguests sleep over at “Chez Normandeau” for the holidays. Preparing your home keeps your houseguests comfortable, and creates the perfect foundation for a happy holiday season!

Comment below to share with us your favorite tricks to get your home ready for the holidays!

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