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Window Coverings for a Calgary Office: What to Consider

Although some feel that commercial design isn’t as detailed or attractive as residential design, in actuality, many office spaces can have the functionality of window treatments while also enjoying the beauty of them.

To start you should decide what you need your professional office window treatments to do. If you want them to stand out and be noticed, they’ll advance into the room and will become the focal point of the space. If that’s not what you want, you can get window treatments that will blend into the wall, receding into the space. Both these window treatments will be functional, controlling light, heat and privacy as needed.

Your window treatments will either be horizontal, opening up and down, or vertical, opening side to side. Horizontal coverings work best on windows that are taller than they are wide, while verticals are most suited to windows that are wider than they are tall. There are many options available in both vertical and horizontal blinds.

Determine whether you need the window treatments to diffuse or deflect light or sound. Diffused light is gentle and not directed. Deflected light can be harsh, a critical consideration if your employees use computers. All window treatments diffuse sound to a degree but fabric products work the best. Harder surface coverings, which also deflect light, are not as effective.

There is mounting research to show that increasing the level of natural light in a space will improve both the productivity and morale of the people working in that space. However, glare from the sun can make computer-oriented work difficult and increase the amount air conditioning your space requires to stay at a comfortable working temperature. Do your current window coverings allow you to easily control natural light levels in your space?

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