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Why NOT To Buy Cheap Blinds

Many costumers that visit our galleries in Lethbridge and Red Deer ask us the same questions regarding blinds. Why spend more on higher quality blinds? What makes them high quality? It’s all in the headrail. Do you wonder why cheap blinds fail faster? Because they use inexpensive plastic parts or inferior metal when constructing the headrail. With Hunter Douglas products, the parts they use in their headrail systems are meant to last a lifetime. They are made of quality metals and plastics to ensure that your blind will run smoothly for the lifetime of the blind. 

What is the warranty? Is it a year? Five years? Well guess what, if it is that’s because the manufacturer is not confident that the blind will last longer than that. Why would you pay money for this type of warranty when you can have lifetime? Hunter Douglas’s warranty is a limited lifetime warranty. They are very confident in their product being sustainable. And in today’s environment isn’t that what you want in your house?

Workmanship is key. Where is the cheap blind made? Where do the parts come from? All Hunter Douglas window treatments are designed and custom-assembled at state-of-the-art product development facilities, manufacturing and fabrication plants around the United States and in Ontario Canada. They control production of all the parts and fabrics that go into each of their blinds. That is what “American Design and Craftsmanship” means. You are buying quality, innovative blinds that are meant to last.