What are Graphic Shades? - Normandeau Window Coverings

What are Graphic Shades?

When it’s time to choose window coverings for your business, you might not be sure where to start. There are so many choices! You can go with simple and practical, you could choose a bold, bright option or stick with a more traditional classy appearance. However, we at Normandeau would like to suggest an option you might not have realized existed: graphic shades.

Graphic shades are a specialty variation of roller shades. Roller shades are secured in a roll at the top of your window and can then be pulled down. They come in all kinds of shapes, lengths, and sizes to fit any window, and they’re available in almost any colour. Since anything can be printed onto roller shades, you can choose whether to use your logo, photos of your product or service, action shots, or even just photos of landscapes that you enjoy. If you have numerous windows, you can mix and match some or all of these options to suit your needs. Simply talk to us about what you want to have printed, and we’ll work together to make it happen.

We love graphic shades as it gives people the option to combine two expenses. Business owners that invest in graphic shades will no longer have to struggle with whether they want to purchase other signs, marketing posters, or window stickers. They can save money, protect their walls and merchandise from sun bleaching, as well as take advantage of energy efficiency. After all, when it’s hot and sunny out, lowering blinds can help keep a building a bit cooler by reflecting away the sun’s light.

At Normandeau, we’re always on the look out for products that help our customers save money while making their homes and business look great. Graphic shades are definitely one of these products. If you’re wondering what your window marketing options are, we encourage you to come into Normandeau today and check out how graphic shades can work for you.