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Waiting for the Perfect Time to Buy Hunter Douglas? Here it is!

At Normandeau, we’re not shy about detailing all the reasons we love Hunter Douglas. We think we speak fairly when we say that Hunter Douglas window treatments are a step above the rest and that they’re a great option for any Albertan homeowner who is looking for luxurious, but practical, window coverings. And while we understand that these window treatments can present a substantial investment for some Calgarians, here’s why today is the perfect time to finally splurge.

Environmentally Conscious is Very in.

Global climate change, melting glaciers, rising oceans, and, of course, the potential extinction of the polar bears. It seems that it’s impossible to go a day without hearing about some potential environmental disaster, and that’s why going green is so popular. Enter Hunter Douglas. Their duette honeycomb shades aren’t just gorgeous, chic window treatments that make your home look beautiful; they also help to keep your house cool through summer and warm in winter. The magic is in the honeycomb shape that traps air to help insulate. But what matter is that when someone compliments you on your new design choice, you can double impress your guests by showing off the Duette’s honeycomb energy-saving properties.

Save on UltraGlide!

Hunter Douglas’s UltraGlide system is pure, elegant genius. Raising and lowering your window treatments is as easy as possible, simply pull the cord to raise, and the UltraGlide will automatically retract the extra length. This means no more ugly, dangling strings. Instead, the cord is always at the perfect length for an adult to easily adjust the blinds. Here at Normandeau, we’re offering all our customers the opportunity to purchase their brand new Duette honeycomb window treatments with a free UltraGlide addon. Simply order your Duette coverings from the Normandeau nearest you and enjoy all the features of UltraGlide without the surcharge!

If you’ve been looking for an excuse to replace old treatments with the very best of Hunter Douglas, the time is now! Come into Normandeau before July 5th to purchase your Duette window treatments and brag to you friends about having the UltraGlide surcharge waived. There’s never been a better time to buy. Call or come into Normandeau today.