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Variety of Hunter Douglas Options for Your Décor

Elegant window designs do more than just cover your window; they provide the flexibility to control light and privacy. Determining the right window blinds to heighten your home décor can be a difficult decision. Luckily, Hunter Douglas offers window blinds crafted out of a variety of materials to fit flawlessly in your home. Hunter Douglas believes that great design is pleasant to live with, so they provide light control insulation that conditions your room in an energy-efficient way. Hunter Douglas Blinds have made their name because of their high-quality and innovative products that target a broad range of consumers around the world. We will look at the types and materials used to create cutting-edge Hunter Douglas blinds to help you in your journey of determining the appropriate one for your space.

There are two leading models of Hunter Douglas blinds:

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Horizontal Blinds


Horizontal blinds are created using slats that are stylish and come in different colors. The slats can be rotated upwards or downwards to adjust the amount of light entering your home. They range in sizes and are connected with vertical strings which cannot be opened accidentally, so if you need to cover a small window, go for small slats – the covering will be disproportionate with large ones. Smaller slats also mean you have less space between them, meaning less light is allowed to pass. For large windows, use large slats to let more light into your room.  Horizontal blinds work well on small windows. Amazingly, Douglas Hunter blinds come with a variety of operating systems for horizontal blinds including push to close, remote-controlled operating systems, smartphone-controlled operating systems, and one that works with your Nest Thermostat.

Vertical Blinds


Vertical blinds are made of long slats that are rotated left or right perpendicularly to change the amount of light entering your home. They are hung from overhead tracks allowing them to open or close completely and smoothly; this is why vertical blinds are ideal for larger windows or glass doors. Another feature that makes them perfect for your garden, glass door, or large living room window is because they allow a person to walk through easily. Hunter Douglas vertical blinds offer smooth, quiet performance, making them the best choice when it comes to purchasing vertical blinds. Vertical blinds are also a characteristic of modern homes and offices. If you are looking for vertical blinds for your office, go with aluminum Hunter Douglas blinds because they make a powerful commercial statement.

Now you know about the two types of blinds produced by Hunter Douglas, so what next? It’s nice to know the material used to make them so that you can choose one that suits you. They include fabric, aluminum, wood or vinyl.



Fabric Hunter Douglas blinds are constructed slats. Fabric blinds are very flexible because they can be designed in any color, pattern, and texture. The fabric is inspired by a classical look but is also designed to fit modern spaces. They have high texture, giving them an illusion of depth. For example, if you have a blue theme, you can order blue fabric blinds that complement your home color palette.



Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds are marvelous for large windows as they are available in wide widths. They make a fashion statement that is undoubtedly superb. Aluminum has high strength and durability. Different slat thicknesses of an aluminum blind expresses its strength. Thick aluminum blinds are highly durable. It is not affected by moisture, making it a perfect candidate for your bathroom and kitchen. It is easy to maintain because its polished alloy repels dust, and is also very cheap.

Hunter Douglas blinds are fitted with a sting-tempered alloy that allows slats to absorb shock during rough treatment. It also helps in protecting your furniture from fading due to UV rays. So, if have a big living room mirror or glass door, you can install aluminum blinds.



Hunter Douglas wood blinds ares often used due to the warmth and elegance they bring to your home decor. They are crafted from a unique array of wood variations and the large, lavish range of beautiful colors Hunter Douglas have to offer, bringing something unique to your home. They have a long product life due to the use of hardwood. They are also covered against fading, warping, and bowing and are still able to protect your furniture from UV rays. If you are looking for that classic, elegant look, this is it. Wood blinds will marvelously complement your home decor.



Vinyl blinds are a popular window blind. They are cost efficient and still maintain the beautiful appearance of real wood blinds. Vinyl is beneficial because it is resistant to cracking, rotting and splitting. So, if your space is in a wet climatic area, or you have kids and pets, you should get Hunter Douglas vinyl blinds.

If you have a stressful time deciding on the right blinds or material for your space, visit Hunter Douglas trusted stores or contact them online before you purchase. Knowledge is power. Don’t live with something that will fall out of favour with you in a small space of time.