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Window Covering Solutions Series: The Bleepin’ Arches!

Challenge:  Everyone loves their large rounded or angular windows…until they have to try and cover them!  This client’s arched window faces a busy street and they wanted privacy but really needed all the light from the one window to illuminate the space.

Solution:  We opted to use a Hunter Douglas Duette cellular shade and mounted it at the base of the arch where the window’s edges become straight.  This way the shade can be raised and lowered.  We selected a semi-sheer fabric that will provide some privacy but will let in all the light during the day.
We could add a fixed “fan” arched shade in the space above but this client decided that wasn’t necessary for privacy.
Result:  The client can sit in their favourite chair during the day without feeling on display and the view in the evening from the street is hazy and obscured.  The best part?  The light can shine in all day giving the room some much need brightness!

HD Architella Duette cellular shades in Semi-Sheer
Designer:  Gillian

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