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Spotlight focus: Vignette

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Spotlight Focus: Vignette

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If you read our last blog, you’ll know that the Luminette sheers by Hunter Douglas are something special. They’re definitely one of our favourite drapes, but today we thought we’d talk about another of our very favourite Hunter Douglas products: the Vignette. These modern roman shades offer the same control and decorative details as the Luminettes. They’re also backed by the very same Hunter Douglas Guarantee. But just as Luminette had us thinking window coverings couldn’t get any better, Vignette took it to the next level. Create your own Habitat. With what might be one of the best window covering features invented to date, Hunter Douglas’s top-down, bottom-up lets you have complete control over you space. You can open your vignettes from the bottom or the top. It’s perfect for blocking glare, and top-down, bottom-up allows you to find and strike the balance between atmosphere and privacy. Vignette is also available in fabrics especially designed to help control sound. These fabric selections and vignette’s shape dampen noise coming from outside of your home and improve the acoustics of your room. If sound treatment is a feature you want from your window coverings, talking with a Hunter Douglas expert will be a great first step.

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The design of vignette doesn’t just help with sound though. The shades actually trap pockets of air creating a bubble of insulation over your windows. These window coverings increase your home’s energy efficiency and keep your home cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter. Your Decorative Style. If the control features aren’t enough, vignette comes with so many different design options that it’s impossible not to find one that will fit your space. Vertical or horizontal panes; light, dark, warm, cold, and neutral colours; and a choice between the modern 4 inch fold and the sophisticated 6 inch. It’s impossible to go wrong. At Normandeau, we go crazy for Hunter Douglas products. It’s hard to find even one we don’t appreciate. But some products just go the extra mile. Vignette roman shades is one of those products. If you have any questions about vignette shades or if you’d like to take a look at these window coverings in person, come in to the Normandeau location closest to you. We’d love to help you find the perfect window treatment for your home.