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Pure Screen Window Blinds

Pure Screen window covers is where the awe of science meets the beauty of great engineering and sleek design. The role that a pure screen window covering will play in your life goes far beyond the typical sun blocking niche curtains and blinds usually offer. The Pure Screen actually cleans the air in your home.

How does it work? The Pure Screen has a special coating. Bad odors as well as potentially harmful gasses in the air are drawn to the surface of the blind. A catalyst on the screen then helps the harmful gasses to break down into safe compounds like water vapour and carbon dioxide. Catalysts are substances that chemists often use to make a reaction happen quicker. In the case of Pure Screen, the reaction is turning harmful gasses like formaldehyde into different, more benign gasses. Fortunately, a catalyst is not used up during reactions, so the air cleaning function will last permanently or at least as long as the blinds do.

Within five hours, the pure screen lowered the concentration of formaldehyde for 0.12 ppm (parts per million) down to 0.04 ppm. Each square metre of Pure Screen can remove up to 49mg of formaldehyde within 48 hours.

At Normandeau, we love that the Pure Screen is certified environmentally friendly. The resources used to create it and the wastes gases formed are all safe. While we love Hunter Douglas blinds for in the home, the Pure Screen is the perfect product for anywhere with elevated levels of harmful, airborne chemicals. Long term care facilities, hospitals, dentists, restaurants, and hotels are only some of the businesses that could benefit from using this sort of technology in their window coverings.

The Pure Screen covering comes with a generous two year warranty and was created in Canada for Canadians by SunScreen Canada. If you think that your business or home would benefit from this product, come into Normandeau today!