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Personalize any Room with Graphic Blinds

What’s the most highly customizable and personalized type of window covering available on the market today? What type of window covering allows you to express yourself without limits and hang almost anything you want over your windows? Graphic blinds. If you can photograph it, draw it, paint it, or design it, you can have it printed on a roll down or vertical blind that will instantly become the focal point of any room.
Do you have a kid who’s a hockey fanatic? Have his favourite team’s logo printed on the blinds in his room. Did you take a photograph that you’re particularly proud of on your last vacation? Have it printed on a blind. Do you have a favourite work of art or pop culture image? You can have that printed on a blind too.
Take any photograph, logo, work of art, doodle, or kid’s drawing and print it on a roller or vertical blind and you have a graphic blind.
With a graphic blind, a highly detailed image is digitally printed on the blind material with organic ink that is resistant to intense sunlight, dirt, and heat. Images can be printed on light filtering or black out fabric and a virtually unlimited number of colours are available.
Graphic blinds are not just for interior decoration. They’re also a very effective way for businesses or organizations to advertise their products or services, or get their message across. How many people walk or drive past your business every day? Graphic blinds have become the stationary equivalent of vehicle wraps on cars. They’re eye catching, inviting, and can bring more traffic into your business.
If you don’t want your window coverings to look like anyone else’s, visit Normandeau Window Coverings at any one of their seven Alberta locations and ask them about graphic blinds.

Written By Randy Normandeau. Visit Randy on Google+