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Luminette Privacy Sheers: Not Your Average Sheer!

The Luminette shade combines the soft feel of sheers with the privacy of drapery. Launched in1996, the Luminette is perfect for large windows and patio doors. Simply turn the vanes to let soft, diffused light in or close them for ultimate privacy. Luminettes come in a wide range of beautifully textured fabrics.

Luminettes have the ability to provide the look of modern drapery with contoured columns of fabric that are structured for sophisticatedly crisp lines. When the vanes are opened, the Luminette filters the light to create a soft romantic feel in any room. Open the vanes to enjoy the view while still maintaining the privacy of your home during daytime hours.

The Luminette comes in three different operating systems: a travelling wand, a wand/cord combination, or Powerview. A Luminette can cover many large windows, covering expanses of up to 192” wide! The headrail of the Luminette is also concealed behind the sheer, this way, there is no headrail intruding into your view. The Luminette truly is the best of both worlds, providing the ability to open the vanes for a sheer drapery look or closing them for full privacy. Enjoy the view outside while maintaining privacy.

Luminette Privacy Sheers Calgary

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