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Hunter Douglas: Looks Great, Child Safe, and Energy Efficient!

If you’re familiar with our blog here at Normandeau, you’ll know that we love Hunter Douglas. We’ve often dedicated full blogs to highlighting our favourite Hunter Douglas products.

However, instead of featuring a particular Hunter Douglas window covering last month, we wrote about their many, excellent features for child-safety. If you didn’t catch that article, you can read it here. We thought that Hunter Douglas’s dedication to keeping kids safe was important to point out as such a large portion of our Albertan customer base is families.

Our blog earlier this month wasn’t on Hunter Douglas at all. Instead, we were discussing how window coverings in general can help make your home be more energy efficient. At Normandeau, we believe energy efficiency is an important enough topic to merit a couple blogs, but going a whole month without talking about Hunter Douglas may actually break our hearts, so we’re going to talk about Hunter Douglas’s energy efficient options.

As our older readers may remember, there was an energy crisis in the late 70s. Things went a little crazy for a while, and energy efficient products were a craze. In 1985, in response to the new demand for energy efficiency, Hunter Douglas actually created a new type of window covering. It utilized a honeycomb shape that allowed these window treatments to trap pockets of air and help reduce the energy transfer between the outdoors and the house with incredible success.

Did you know that up to 50% of a house’s energy moves through the windows. That means 50% of your home’s heat is lost through the windows during winter, and 50% of the energy that heats your home in the summer also comes through the windows. Hunter Douglas realized that a window covering, that looked great and provided an insulating benefit, could help homeowners across North America to cut down on the AC in the summer and the gas in the winter.

Energy Efficient Window Coverings Calgary

Over the years, Hunter Douglas has perfected their energy efficient window coverings. They are now able to draw heat into your home during the winter and to reflect it away all summer long. These window treatments were also created to allow in all the natural light your home needs. This cuts down on the need for electrical light fixtures during the day. Finally, many of their window coverings, such as the Duette Architella, feature the same honeycomb shape from the 80s that traps air and uses is to insulate your home.

Are you a huge fan of beautiful, practical window treatments? Then we recommend choosing Hunter Douglas. We at Normandeau are constantly astonished by their gorgeous, child-safe, and energy efficient coverings.

Have any questions about how Hunter Douglas could help improve your home and your life? Come into the Normandeau closest to you, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.