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How Insulated Window Coverings will Benefit your Home

We’ve said before that an insulated window covering can benefit your home by making energy use more efficient. Used effectively, a window covering can block heat and light entering during the summer and help hinder heats escape during the winter. Blinds, drapes, and window films all work together to make your windows more efficient. Since so much energy can be lost and gained through windows, it’s pretty important for maintaining your home’s temperature while keeping energy costs low.

Blinds are unfortunately more effective at preventing heat gain in summer than heat loss in winter, but they’re still an important part of your window’s defence. Whether you prefer horizontal or vertical panels, when fully closed, interior blinds can help deflect heat gain by up to 45%! That’s a lot, and you don’t need them fully closed either. If you angle your blinds to direct light towards a light coloured wall or ceiling (the ceiling is better), they can help disperse and soften light without adding much heat to your home.

Drapes are also more efficient at stopping heat from entering your home than leaving it, but they do have a relevant effect on both. The numbers we’re offering are obviously going to fluctuate depending on fabric, thickness and colour. However, studies using medium coloured drapes with a plastic backing have shown these window coverings are quite effective at reducing energy waste. By closing south facing drapes in summer, you can prevent 33% of the heat gain found when drapes are left open. In winter, you’ll want south facing drapes pulled back to let in sunshine, but windows facing in other directions and all windows at night time should find your drapes closed. This will help cut heat loss by 10%.

Window Films can be used on both the interior and exterior of windows. An energy efficient film is one of the hardest working parts of your windows armor against inefficiency. If you don’t have a film on your window, it’s likely that touching the glass during the summer will feel hot. A window film can reduce the absorption of heat bringing the glass’ temperature down from almost 27°C  to just above room temperature or a little over 22°C. In winter, the film still helps to protect your home preventing about 3°C worth of energy from escaping.

It’s no secret that Calgarians live through both the extreme heat and cold. Our summers frequently dwell in the 30s and our winters in the minus 30s. Windows and doors are usually viewed as some of the most inefficient areas in our house. They are often blamed for up to 60% of a home’s heat exchange. Talk to Normandeau experts today and learn how you can use your window coverings to save money.