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Featuring Hunter Douglas: Silhouette

When it comes to the hot and sunny summers of Alberta, choosing the right window treatment is an important part of keeping your home cooler and protecting your property from harmful high-energy light rays. That’s why we love the Silhouette window treatment from Hunter Douglas. This window fashion has struck the ideal balance between light control, privacy, and ultraviolet protection.

Between each of the vanes, a sheer fabric protects your furniture, family, and artwork from harmful UV rays while still allowing the room to be softly lit. And because you can easily look out through the sheer cloth, your house benefits from the sun protection without compromising your view. If you want more privacy or need to shut light out for a nap or movie, you can also close the vanes.

Hunter Douglas crafted Silhouette with unique s-shaped vanes that have become the signature for this product since its launch in 1991. The sculpted vanes softens light as it enters into your home. This prevents harsh direct rays and flares from damaging your furniture or fading your artwork.

However, Silhouette wouldn’t be a Hunter Douglas product if it was all practical with no fashion. So, as with many other Hunter Douglas products, you are able to customize the Silhouette to best suit the design and needs of your home and family. It comes in two, three, and four-inch vanes, and there are numerous colours, textures, and fabrics to pick from.

Homeowners will also get to decide which of the four different operating systems they prefer. The Easyrise, Ultraglide, Literise, and Powerview systems each have their perks, and we’re sure that you’ll be able to find the one that will work perfectly for your family.

Silhouette Shade Calgary

Finally, in order to combat the long days of the Albertan summer, the Silhouette A Deux brings homeowners a superior darkening solution. The A Deux is a roller that fits onto the same headrail as your Silhouette. When you require a true black-out experience, you can simply pull down the A Deux.

Hunter Douglas Silhouette is a truly artful combination of practicality and beauty. We love everything about the way the Silhouette looks and works within the home. If you want to learn more about how this product can work for you, come into the Normandeau closest to you today!