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Evolution of the Roller Shade

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Evolution of the Roller Shade


Banded Shade in Red Deer Alberta
Banded Shade

We live in a pretty exciting time where materials and engineering come together to create a whole new world of possibilities from a simple roller shade.  Simply put… they roll up and roll down, providing a range of opacities, privacy, energy efficiency, glare control and UV protection.

Roller shade can be:

  • Sheer weave, to provide view thru the fabric while offering UV protection.
  • Automated, to raise and lower at the touch of a button, or scheduled to open & close on saved settings.
  • Wide & long, to cover expansive windows easily.
  • Room darkening, by adding side channels & using a room darkening fabric; roller shades can provide the ultimate darkening in a single treatment.
  • Exterior Shades, providing glare reduction and UV protection for patios and decks.
  • Double roller shades, to give the options for light filtering and room darkening on the same window.
  • Decorative, because of the simplicity of a roller shade there are hundreds of fabrics to choose from to coordinate with any décor.
  • Banded, a recent trend in window covering that offers combined sheer and solid bands of fabric in a single shade.
  • Cellular, the newest style of roller shade to come onto the Red Deer Window Covering market from Hunter Douglas.  The Sonnette combines the dimensional, energy efficient construction of a cellular shade with the clean line and simplicity of a roller shade.
  • Roller shades provide an elegant, strong & durable window treatment They are equally beautiful in a minimal space as they can be under drapery panels in a traditional setting. The ease & simplicity of a roller shades makes the perfect treatment in any home.


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