Creating Window Coverings Safe for Children - Normandeau Window Coverings

Creating Window Coverings Safe for Children

At Normandeau, there are few things more important to us than our family values. It’s one of the reasons we’re so dedicated to helping Calgary families create the best home they can. We understand that a big part of that has to include offering window coverings that are as family friendly as possible, and to Normandeau, that absolutely means child and pet safe.

Children and pets have a tendency for finding trouble. Both are curious, spend many of their hours at home, and have a propensity to search for the most mischievous fun when bored. Often, that fun includes everyday household items like a pot ‘n pan drum kit or opening and closing the blinds over and over again just to watch how they move. In order to protect your kids from their own curiosity, we offer many great Hunter Douglas products that come with innovative features to keep your children and pets safe.

Cords and strings can both pose a strangulation risk to young children. That’s why Hunter Douglas has created numerous options for parents without any strings, cords, or risks. While they’ve also created safety features for window coverings with cords (like retractable pull-cords, cord tensioners, and cord cleats), our favourite option is to just go cord free entirely.

We love their Literise and Simplelift products which allow you to lift or lower your window covering with the touch of a finger. No operating cords necessary. Vertiglide works similarly except that it moves left and right rather than up and down — perfect for sliding doors!

Motorization also eliminates the strings and lets you adjust your window coverings with just your smart device. Wand control replaces cords with a sleek plastic wand, and the clutch lifting system offers a short decorative pull instead of long, dangling cords.

We know that your children are your first priority, and we’re proud to be a part of what keeps Calgary families safe. If you’re looking for beautiful window fashion that is inline with your family life, come in Normandeau today!