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Colours to Compliment Your Home’s Design Style

Interior design and finding the perfect colour combination can be tricky. There are just so many options! People are great at seeing colours and all the subtle differences between the vast variety of available shades, so there are many ways to use colours for different effects. For example, a room can be decorated with a monochromatic scheme.

A monochromatic scheme is when different shades of the same colour are used. Perhaps a pale pastel yellow, bright sunny yellow, and a deep gold. The only thing changes is the amount of black or white added to the paint.

There are many other ways to use colours in your home though. An analogous scheme quite logically uses analogous colours. When you look at a colour wheel, analogous colours will sit beside each other. Think yellow, orange-yellow, orange-red, red. The analogous colours of orange-yellow are yellow and orange-red. The analogous colours of orange-red are orange-yellow and red. This scheme brings more contrast than a monochromatic scheme, but is often still relaxing.

A contrast scheme on the other hand uses colours that aren’t touching. Usually a contrast scheme will have three or four colours that are evenly spaced on a colour wheel. For example, red, yellow, and blue or if four colours are needed, red, indigo, green, and yellow-orange.  Complementary schemes are related to contrast schemes but use only two colours on opposite sides of the wheel. We use this scheme frequently at christmas when decorating with red and green.

But there’s more to colours than just how they related to one another. Different colours can have different psychological effects as well, and used well can drastically change the feeling of a room. A deep palette uses exciting accents on a darker scheme. Rich browns and exotic oranges and pinks give this palate a grand, debonair feeling.

On perhaps the opposite end of the decor spectrum, a cool palette bring relaxation and calm to a space. This is achieved with silvers, greys, blues, and blue-purples. Whites and turquoises are also welcome additions to the cool palette. A warm palette often brings a combination of cool and deep. A warm palette gives off a relaxing, inviting atmosphere but tends to stick with light browns and neutrals with hints of yellows and oranges instead of blues. Beiges and creamy-coffee tones are always welcome in a warm palette, and both deep and cool colours are used as accents.

A bright palette is also characterized by its welcoming feelings. However, a bright palette should always be used to make a space feel large and airy as well. Vivid yellows, limes, aquas, and any other colour on the wheel can be used to create this atmosphere. However, whether you choose red or green (or both), you’ll be shying away from dark, deep shades for bright and light ones. Lots of natural light from nearby windows is what will really bring this palette together in your home.

Every house is different and every homeowner unique. It can be hard to bring together your tastes in decor with what works with your home, but Normandeau can help! Come in today and we can help find the perfect window covering in the perfect colour to bring your whole room together.