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Can I Have the Privacy of Blinds and Still Enjoy My View?

Yes you can!

Enjoy the privacy of window coverings with the joy of your view from your window.

Hunter Douglas was the first to expertly craft one of the best innovations in window coverings by creating shades that move up and down, both from the top of the shade and from the bottom.

How can I have privacy and a view?

The Hunter Douglas options that move up and down from the top as well as from the bottom, are carefully strung on a sophisticated and sturdy set of cords that allow you to control the height of the top of your shades as well as at the bottom. You can choose to bring the shades all the way to the bottom to provide total privacy in your room. The magic comes when you bring the top of shade down a foot or however far you want to bring it down to allow you to enjoy the beautiful view and sunshine out your window while at the same time, feeling comfort from the privacy.

Where are these types of window coverings best suited?

Because of the flexibility, these are an excellent choice in plenty of places in your home. Many installations have been in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. Even bathrooms can be an ideal choice. If you have a terrific view of a garden, lake, rolling hills, a walking path or just like the feeling of a sunny room, then selecting window coverings that pull down from the top, may be the perfect choice for you!

How do they get installed?

We get this question a lot! One reason why its so important to get your windows measured properly is so complex systems like this, fit well. In order to function, this system needs to be installed correctly so that the cords and lifting system are balanced, allowing them to rise and drop evenly each time. They are installed into the inside of the window casing along the top and then hang from there.

Bonus: they’re cordless!

Because they move along a sophisticated cord system, they don’t have cords dangling. This makes them look clean and modern as well as remove any hazards for children and pets.
You HAVE to click here to watch our video featuring this type of window covering!