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Blinds that Maintain Your View!

Design Challenge: Keeping the view while adding much needed protection from the elements on 4 large window walls each being 12 ft long and 9 feet high.

This client has stunning Okanagan Lake and mountain views so adding blinds that would work for warmth in winter and coolness in summer, while still enjoying the spectacular view, was key.  Our choice was the Duette Architella, 1 ¼ inch.  The Duette Architella has a unique honey comb construction, providing three insulating pockets to help save even more energy. I knew the Duette shades could cover large and tall expanses of glass with minimal stack for unobstructed views.  The wide selection of colors and on trendy fabrics gave us many great options.  We choose the larger vane size of 1 ¼ inch in the warm color, Platinum, with light filtering fabric for diffused light and privacy that added beauty and style to this open concept room.   Adding the top down/bottom up feature was a must because it let us make the room even more efficient by opening up the blind from the top to enjoy those spectacular views while keeping it closed on the bottom, therefore, adding the much needed warmth from the elements.

Another reason we chose the Duette was for the smaller headrail size.  In the corners, I was needing to butt one headrail to the other that bypassed, providing a seamless appearance since the glass panes ran right to the corner. With a smaller headrail, it made the transition much cleaner and seamless.

In measuring, I followed the architectural design of the windows for my natural breaks in widths.  It needed 14 shades in total, all being 9 feet tall, going up into a drywalled, recessed opening in the ceiling that was equipped with electrical plug ins.  This made adding PowerView with a DC power supply the right choice, using a daisy chain to join shades together where needed.  The PowerView Motorization allows you to adjust all shades together or select individual shades controlling how much light enters the space.  This wireless operating system is controlled by a pebble remote.

Fun facts about the Architella Duette that made it the perfect choice for this home included the following.  First, the superior design creates insulating layers for added energy saving.  In the summer they keep out up to 78% of the heat from a window and 49% of the cold in the winter, creating a much more comfortable environment.  In addition, they help homeowners save up to 25% in heating and cooling costs!  The energy saving properties are not the only advantage. Duette blinds also block out 99% of the UV rays, preventing fading and keeping your furniture, wall coverings, art and flooring within your home looking like new. All of the Duette shades come in a wealth of high-performing fabrics that resist fading.

Duette shades are available in over 300 different colors in many fabrics allowing you to personalize your space. Duette shades also absorb noise with up to 45% of unwanted noise from outside being prevented thus resulting in improved acoustics within your home.