A Gorgeous Functional Laundry Room - Normandeau Window Coverings

A Gorgeous Functional Laundry Room

I absolutely love a functional laundry room …. but to have a gorgeous and functional laundry room is the best ever! We finished this brand new space in Lethbridge with a Hunter Douglas Designer Roller shade.  The fabric accents the colors in this space but also help protect the cabinets and flooring as it is a south facing window where there will be a lot of light.  The Hunter Douglas Designer Roller shade will also keep out heat from the south facing sun.  Seeing as there is only one window, it was easy to pick a fun bold pattern that really popped in this space.

Roller shades have come along way since the 1980’s when you were afraid you would loose your hands when you retracted the shade and it flipped back up very quickly and quite aggressively. The Hunter Douglas Designer Roller Shades have many lift options to choose from.   The custom clutch is very popular and makes raising and lowering your shade very safe and easily with a chain that is attached to the casing of the window.  You can also choose a Literise® or cordless option. This means there is no chain so you have to be able to grasp the shade to raise or lower.  This is a good option for child and pet safety as there are no chains.  If you love technology, another option to operate your shades would be with a power view automated system.  This system enables you to operate your shades from a remote control device, wall switch or even from your smart phone.  The options are endless and we help you choose the right operating solution that fits your budget and individual home requirements.