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Designer Banded Shades feature a single piece of fabric that loops at the bottom bar to create a double layer of fabric in the window. When operated, the sheer and solid fabric bands transition seamlessly by each other for complete privacy, filtered light of view-through with a single shade. The collection features styles in Light Filtering or Room Darkening. The position of the solid fabric bands with the sheer fabric bands is what determines the amount of view-through. The smaller the solid band height, the more sheer fabric bands per shade, which will maximize the view-through. The larger the solid band height, the fewer sheer fabric bands per shade, minimizing the view to the outside. The standard control system is the Custom Clutch (continuous cord loop), also available in UltraGlide (a short retractable cord operated with a pump action) or Soft Touch Motorization (gently pull down on the want to activate your shade to lower. A slight push up will send your shade into the full raised position – battery powered). Designer Banded Shades fit any style from modern to traditional and every style in between.

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